A Little About Me

Hello! And welcome to The Great Canadian Housewife! My name is Kirsten. I’m a 39-year-old housewife from Nova Scotia, Canada. Married to the love of my life Edward, Eddie for short. I have my own personal blog. I am a stay-at-home wife working from the comfort of her own home. My husband and I have been married since August 26th, 2016 (almost 4 years) and live in a small little house near Digby. At this time we have no children but our ultimate goal is to foster children within the next couple of years and maybe adopt as well. We both feel passionate about fostering children, especially teenagers but really any age and are excited to start our journey. We have one cat named Max who is about 9 years old. My hobbies include web design, photography, and blogging. Together we love to hike, camp, geocache, and travel.

A Little About This Blog

Admittedly I am not the world’s best housewife and am fairly new at it. I made the decision to stay at home and work full-time from home while applying to go back to school for web development and then work part-time from home while in school. This blog is more about my journey of self-discovery in becoming a stay-at-home housewife and learning to cook, clean better, organize and become a stay-at-home wife and eventually mom and foster mom. I am looking forward to the journey of self-discovery and all the fun that can come with it.

I started this site to put up my favorite recipes as I discover them (or some that I already have), brave the world of at-home careers and schooling, talk about work from home opportunities for Canadians (well, mostly for Canadians but anyone really), learn to do some DIY around the house with my hubby, discover some crafts and hobbies, discuss chronic illness and mental health as it oftentimes is a reason a lot of women (and men too) choose to stay at home and/or work from home, as well as fostering and adoption and much much more!

I’d like to turn this blog into a community where you can register, so feel free to register above, post some of your own favorite recipes, crafts, and DIY as well as discuss mental health and chronic illness, adoption and fostering and also share ways that you make money from home. Once registered if you are interested in posting yourself just let me know so I can give you access. Maybe eventually I will add a forum or other things, suggestions welcome. Even though the name of the blog and domain have Canadian in them this blog could really apply to anyone in North America, Britan, Europe or anywhere really, you don’t have to be a Canadian or even female. Everyone’s welcome!